E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Americas: Status Quo of Global Interoperability

V   (12 April 2022)  |  Updated

Switzerland, April 2022 – Various workgroups are building models to achieve global E-Invoicing Interoperability, like the Global Interoperability Framework (GIF), consisting of the Business Payments Coalition (BPC), Connect ONCE, the European E-Invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA) and OpenPeppol. Advantages of interoperability, such as the reduction of work on the supplier side due to handling only one format of invoices, the need for only one single integration within each companies‘ accounts payable system, or the ability to send invoices in real-time, are obvious.


The major players in this field have decided to meet to drive their efforts forward. The following questions will be discussed:
+ What should be the next steps for truly global interoperability?
+ Managing diversity and commonality - where are the pressure points?
+ What is working consistently and why?
+ How to reconcile different business, fiscal and legal models?
+ Building consensus and an alliance of stakeholders.

These experts have confirmed their active participation in the discussion: Todd Albers (BPC), Jayna Bundy (Microsoft), Vinicius Pimentel de Freitas (CIAT), Michel Gilis (EESPA), André Hoddevik (OpenPeppol) and Chris Welsh (Connect ONCE, GIF).

This discussion about global E-Invoicing Interoperability will be one of the highlights at the E-Invoicing Exchange Summit in Miami (May 9-11, 2022).

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