In-depth Clojure Workshop


Whether you’ve already given Clojure a try or not, this workshop is aimed at everyone who is interested in applying it in practice!


Clojure is a JVM language making the impossible possible: A practical Lisp, usable by mere mortals. But what is in it for me? How do I set up my development environment? How do I solve everyday problems? How do I build web apps, process JSON and access databases? And last but not least: Why should I use Clojure instead of any well-known alternative? In this tutorial we will answer all these questions and prepare the participants for Clojure in practice!

We will use Clojure in hands-on sessions for the efficient implementation of a web application. Along the way we will get to know functional programming concepts which have found their way into many languages.

… and most of all

Come face-to-face with yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses, as you confront one situation after another with equally inquisitive classmates.


Silvia Schreier is a consultant at innoQ with a strong background on RESTful architectures. She enjoys diving into new technologies especially into functional programming languages and NoSQL databases. She regularly speaks at conferences and contributes to different IT magazines about these topics.

Philipp Schirmacher is a senior consultant at innoQ. His main focus is the development of Java applications in agile teams. Beyond that he’s primarily interested in modern programming languages like Clojure and Scala.

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