NoSQL for Java Developers

The NoSQL hype is over and individual technologies have established themselves clearly in the market: Map- Reduce frameworks, graph databases, document stores, key value stores, data grids, search engines etc. But which type is suitable for which problem? In the NoSQL 101, we brings clarity to the data store jungle and have a look on typical use cases, and the areas of application. In the Java Enterprise world, the Spring Framework and especially Spring Data projects provide an elegant way to introduce NoSQL for the Java world.


NoSQL BasicsSpring / Spring Data BasicsUse Cases for NoSQL Data Stores Spring Data JPA Spring Data MongoDB Spring Data ElasticSearch Spring Data Redis Spring Data Neo4J …


Participants learn about various NoSQL data store types, and know the areas of their application. In the practical implementation exercises with Spring Data we have time to gain first hand experience.


Bring your own laptop with your favorite Java IDE.


Patrick Baumgartner works as a passionate software craftsman at 42talents and builds software with Java/JEE, Spring Framework, OSGi, NoSQL databases, and other open source technologies. As a Spring trainer and Neo4j master instructor, he conducts various trainings and workshops on the topic, is an active speaker at conferences and events, and lectures at the university of applied science in Zurich (ZHAW).

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