E-Invoicing Exchange Summit Vienna 2021: The Big Picture

The E-Invoicing Exchange Summit took place in Vienna from September 27 to 29, 2021. After over one year of hault for physical events due to Covid-19, more than 100 persons from across Europe came together in person in Vienna and another 100 attended remotely in this hybrid event to discuss the latest developments in E-Invoicing.

The conference started with a special day dedicated to a country comparison for E-Invoicing and Continuous Transaction Controls. Also, in the conference programme this topic has been well represented and we talked all things CTC. It became clear there is a will amongst industry and service providers to achieve global and European consistency.

Other presentations gave updates on the global developments in Peppol, for example with Japan having become the latest Peppol authority, shed light on the current status and next steps of E-Invoicing in France, Hungary, Germany and Portugal. Another highlight was to get the latest insights from European Commission Study on „VAT in the Digital Age“, explaining what options are in place for a harmonised European tax reporting scheme.

Once again, this E-Invoicing Exchange Summit has been a great space where the E-Invoicing and E-Reporting community exchanged ideas and networked. Numerous excellent discussions and face-to-face talks took place with customers, partners, and policy drivers on the convergence of the different E-Invoicing and E-Reporting models and how all can help reduce complexity and manage the transition to E-Invoicing and Continuous Transaction Controls.

Christian Ridder, summarised all key-topics in the new “Big Picture of E-Invoicing” – an entertaining and compact graphic recording, available for free download on www.exchange-summit.com/insights/graphic-recording.

The positive feedback was overwhelming with everyone being grateful for the opportunity to participate and share knowledge with each other. The global E-Invoicing journey will continue in 2022 in Miami May 9-11, Berlin June 20-21, Lisbon September 26-28, and in Singapore (date to be announced).

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